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Pure Data Wind Generator

Wind Generator

A few years ago I read a book about synthesis and there was a section about white noise and how it can be used to recreate sounds heard in nature such as the ocean or wind. I wanted to create the sound of arctic wind so I first had a play around with Audacity and then sought to create a patch in an open-source and much loved program called Pure Data. By designing software around my needs I was able to add more features such as automation and filtering.

As in keeping with the pure data community my patch is available here: WindGenerator.pd


Audio Conceptualising – ‘Dead End’

I have always been very inspired to create sound and music from visual imagery that evokes a sense of exploration and adventure. This generally happens for me if I go for a walk outside in nature like in a forest. I like places that have remnants of objects, machinery and forgotten structures that have in time been engulfed by nature. I have just been experimenting with the idea of audio conceptualising which  involves using still images, pictures and paintings to evoke  these feelings and using sound and music to tell the story of what is being seen.

Desert Image Majora28 Deviantart

I found this amazing artwork by Majora28 at DeviantART.

In ‘Dead End’ I used sound design to promote the sense of space and environment as seen in the weather and a feeling of optimism similarly represented from the sun shining through. A plastic bag and a kettle formed the sound of a thunderstorm and I am excited by how realistic it sounds. I am trying to break away from being so literal with my sounds and i’m finally enjoying the challenge of seeing what I can ‘get away’ with.

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DDL Trunks

This sound was made from a sound recording of a voice that has been time-stretched 800%. The intonation can be heard clearly which gives a distinctive drone sound. I can visualize an air raid siren.

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