Audio Conceptualising – ‘Sky Port’

This artwork is by ~RichardDorran at DeviantART.

I have chosen this image to compose a soundtrack to because it provokes an environment that would be bustling with different sounds. I like the artwork because it is both representative and detailed at the same time. I am able to target in on areas like the crane sections to the left or the launchpad on the right and pick out more detail than at first glance. I wanted to mimic that in the piece by placing sounds that built up an ambience but were also very specific to areas in the image. I chose a repetitive rhythm in the key of E major – one determined as having characterisitcs of “Joy, magnificence, splendour; brightest and most powerful key” – (Characteristics of Musical Keys, The art conveys a positive feeling, that of  astronomical mastery. The rhythm ebbs and flows like the coming and going of spacecraft and employs a minimalistic repetition.


3 thoughts on “Audio Conceptualising – ‘Sky Port’

  1. Gonzalo Perseus says:

    I must have listened to it a thousand times. You have a talent, my friend. Honestly. Never stop working with sound because you really know how to make it nice. Loved this song. Thank you.

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