Mindful Solitude

I was recently perusing the shelves of Foyles in Euston station one evening without a purpose and found a book called “Seeking Silence in a Noisy World” and having briefly scoured the first few pages I knew that it was the book to buy. It talks in depth about the value of silence and how different cultures and religions approach silence. I particularly liked the explorations on the natural environment and how it connects us with our past both visually and sonically. Silence is a term that changes in context and cannot be explicitly defined as it mostly always a subjective experience.

The foreword reads

Often we do no recognize the value of silence until we are driven to seek it; most of the time it remains an unused resource. My own stumbling journey, which I will describe throughout the book, included a formal retreat while I was at college and a self-imposed silence on a Cumbrian moor. What I began to discover was that it is the natural world that helps me most of all.



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