I have spent years composing music and designing sound and I have reached a point where I wish to develop this further and answer some questions which I have been pondering for some time. I am very passionate about sound. As soon as I hear something interesting I grab my microphone and capture sound, for example during a thunderstorm or heavy rain. There are so many variations to a sound. Such can be said for rain. Heavy, light rain, rain on a window, rain on a metal roof or flowing down into a drain. All of these sounds enrich the world that we live in and provide our ears with an exciting array of audio entertainment.

I think I am more drawn to sounds of nature. Ever since I was young I have loved the spectacle of a thunderstorm. It’s a visual show mixed with the raw power and science of nature tinted with an element of danger and fear. I would set out to capture lightning and the resultant thunder on my camera so I could watch it back at a later time and revisit the excitement I felt at the time. It wasn’t until my early twenties that I started experimenting with sound more, altering its nature entirely – reversing and time stretching. I would usually reverse a sound and hear a new sound for the first time. Someone once told me that no sound in nature is reversed.


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